Zoom C Curl Synthetic Mink Lashes 12 Rows

C Curl Synthetic Mink Lashes 12 Rows


Premium C CURLS Synthetic Mink Individual Lashes

12 Row lengths, Available in 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm and 14mm.

Total Quantity of lashes per line depending on the thickness and lines per tray.
0.15mm Thickness- 300 per line = 3600 Lashes
0.20mm Thickness - 260 per line = 3120 Lashes
0.25mm Thickness - 200 per line = 2400 Lashes

Manufactured in Korea using the best quality PBT material which is of similar standard to human hair. Produced using an advanced method and with the expertise achieving a perfect curl every time.

How to apply from the tray
1. Remove a strip from the tray.
2. Place the lash strip onto the back of the less dominant hand.
3. Make sure the two ends of the strip are secure.
4. Carefully pick the lash from the strip with tweezers.

This method is used by many technicians and make up artists reducing time spent with each client.

Hints and tips on suitable types curls
J-Curl Creates a natural look to the lashes as it is the straightest curl.
B-Curl Medium Curl slightly curlier than J-Curl and easy to use on all eye shapes.
C-Curl Curlier than J and B and will enhance the look of the lashes.
D-Curl Extremely curly, ideal for a Glamorous look and can be used on straight or curly lashes.

Recommended Lengths to use whilst applying 8mm-short extension for the inner and outer eye 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm- most popular size for middle lashes 13mm, 14mm-,point use and outer eyes, suitable for special occasions.

These are the best quality extension lashes at an unbeatable price!

Despatched same day from U.K. warehouse 

C Curl Synthetic Mink Lashes 12 Rows