Zoom Delicate Eyebrow Stencil

Delicate Eyebrow Stencil


Delicate Eyebrow Stencil

Those that have overplucked can ease their way back to a full set of brows by starting with this gently delicate arch. This eyebrow stencil is in style and will give you the look of sophistictaion and elegance.

highly durable plastic

see through

lasts for years

clean between uses

How To Use

1. Mark where to start & end your brows you can do this with our White Outline Stick or you can use eyebrow powder with a brush

2. Place the stencil on your brows and then use powder

3. Brush your eyebrow hair through the stencil

4. Trace the stencil with the outline stick

5. Remove the stencil and then hair with our Tweezers

Delicate Eyebrow Stencil