Zoom Premium Mink Cashmere Flat Lashes - Mixed Lengths
Zoom Premium Mink Cashmere Flat Lashes - Mixed Lengths
Zoom Premium Mink Cashmere Flat Lashes - Mixed Lengths

Premium Mink Cashmere Flat Lashes - Mixed Lengths


NEW Premium Mink Rhomboid Cashmere Flat Lashes

Premium Rhomboid Cashmere Ellipse Flat lashes are in three different thickness. However the 0.15mm thick lash, will give the volume and ultra softness of a 0.07mm eyelash. The superb quality Oval Shape design will create a fuller look, without weight. The innovative design will allow super fast bonding, with the snug fit design wrapping neatly around the natural lash.

The shape of the oval base allows easy stacking and application of lashes from the top. These lashes are amazingly beautiful with a full and voluminous look as well as being extremely lightweight.
The NEW Rimini Flat lashes are beautifully shaped and with the lash being hollow they are so much lighter in weight compared to other lashes on the market. Compared to the conventional lashes, 2mm flat lash , looks like a 0.07mm normal lash.

    • Easy to Pick from the tray

    • 50% Lighter than the normal eyelash extensions and long lasting

    • Comfortable to wear, without feeling the weight

    • Flat oval shaped lashes are great for filling gaps in between lashes, giving the eyeline effect and a much fuller natural look.

    • Our New Ellipse (flat) Lashes provide the thickness of a 0.15mm thickness lash but with the weight and softness of a 0.07mm lash. The Oval Shape and rhomboid structure creates a wider lash without additional weight. This clever design also provides superb bonding as these lashes are designed to wrap perfectly around the natural lash.

    • Strong lash lifting curls , will not lose the shape over time

  • Water resistance and will not tangle.

Available in Lengths

2 lines of 7mm
2 lines of 8mm
3 lines of 9mm
3 lines of 10mm
3 lines of 11mm
3 lines of 12mm

3 lines of 13mm

1 line of 14mm

Curl Type
C Curl
D Curl

0.10 Thickness
0.15 Thickness
0.20 Thickness

Premium Mink Cashmere Flat Lashes - Mixed Lengths