Zoom UV Lamp - Solid Cream Gel Polish
Zoom UV Lamp - Solid Cream Gel Polish

UV Lamp - Solid Cream Gel Polish


The UV Lamp is an essential product to complete the process of the Solid Cream Gel Polish which comes in a 4 in 1 circle palette. A salon quality finish in the comfort of your own home. The pigmented solid gel polish is a unique gel that is in a solid form instead of your regular liquid nail polish bottle.

  • Easy to use via USB
  • Salon quality manicure at home
  • Mini UV Lamp
  • Long lasting results

How to apply

Step one: To prepare clean and wash your hands. File your nails if needed. 

Step two: Apply a base coat of clear polish and wait for this to dry.

Step three: Use the brush provided to simply paint on the solid cream gel onto your nails. 

Step four: Cure under the UV lamp for 45 - 60 seconds.

Step five: Apply a top coat for long lasting results.

How to remove

Use the wooden cuticle stick provided to gently lift the gel wrap from the nail bed.

Despatched same day from U.K. warehouse 

UV Lamp - Solid Cream Gel Polish