Semi Cured Gel Nails FAQs

‘ Set, Cure and Go

What are semi cured gel nail wraps?
Beauty and makeup trends are constantly changing. Standard nail polish is a product of the past. Semi cured gel is the new nail generation and game changing in the nail culture. Each strip is made with real gel liquid and cured to 60 percent allowing flexibility for when applying.

What are the benefits of using semi cured gel nail wraps?
The main advantage is you can apply the semi cured gel nail wraps at any convenient time in the comfort of your own home at an affordable price. The process is smudge free and creates a professional salon finish. Also, DIY nails at home are better for hygiene purposes! Avoid picking up bugs in the salon and apply your nails yourself. The gel nail wraps are perfect for big occasions and for daily use.

How to properly apply the gel nails?
Step one: To prepare wash your hands. Trim and file your nails before cleaning with the alcohol wipe provided.
Step two: Select the correct size nail, peel the transparent layer of the front and then lift from the backing sheet. Stretch the gel nail slightly if needed.
Step three: Apply onto your own nail, firmly pressing down on the edge of the nail with the cuticle stick for better results during the curing process.
Step four: Remove the excess gel with a nail cutter or scissors as shown and then file downwards for a smooth finish.
Step five: Cure your nails under the UV lamp for 45 – 60 seconds allowing the gel nails to be cured to 100%

How to select the correct nail size (strip)?
Each pack contains 16 or 20 gel nail strips in various sizes. The sizes are created to fit all different nail shapes. To select the correct nail size simply put your finger over or beside the gel strip to decide which size is the closest match to your nail. The gel strips are also flexible allowing you to slightly bend and stretch horizontally if needed before you apply, be careful not to overstretch as this will damage the gel.

How to remove the gel nails?
No need to use nail polish remover. Simply Use the wooden cuticle stick provided to gently lift the gel wrap from the nail bed and then slowly peel off the gel strip.

Why is the UV lamp an essential product?
The UV lamp is an essential product for semi cured gel nails which are cured 60 percent when applying. The final curing process with the lamp allows the gel nails to harden and be fully cured to 100 percent. We highly recommend the lamp as it creates efficient long-lasting salon quality results.
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