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Beauty tips and tricks

If you have not applied false lashes before, follow the step by step on how to apply lashes.

How To Apply False Lashes

1. Be careful while taking the lashes out so that they do not tear or damage, it is easier to lift them out by using tweezers.
2. You can trim the false lashes according to your eye size, before attaching them
3. Spread a thin layer of eyelash adhesive onto the eyelash band/strip, wait for 20 seconds for the glue to become tacky, when it dries a bit, then apply the lashes.
4. Gently put the false eyelashes on your natural ones
5. Begin with the outer corner of your eye, placing them as close as you can to your natural eyelash line
6. You can change them around if they don’t feel comfortable or look right
7. Press onto the false lashes gently to make sure they are on properly
8. After your eyelash glue is all dry, apply a few coats of mascara if desired. For finishing touches, use Rimini Eyelash Curler

How to Remove false lashes

1. Use a cotton swab and soak in warm water or cold cream
2. Close your eye you want to remove the glue of first and then gently apply the cotton swab on the lash band/ where the false lashes are attached. Then leave the water/ cream to weaken the eyelash adhesive
3. Make sure you take care and are aware of your natural lashes at all times. To avoid this from happening focus on the tip and take your time removing the false lashes 
4. When you feel as though the water has absorbed in the lashes gently remove the false lashes starting from the outer corner of the lash.
5. Do the same on the other eye

Make-Up Tips

Smokey eyes are a popular party look; it can instantly create a dramatic look. To create the look you will need

  • Black Eyeliner
  • Two or more colours of eye shadow

1. Use your eyeliner as usual for best results use Rimini black eyeliner
2. The base colour with a brush the eye shadow colour can be a neutral or bright colour. Apply on the eye lid and above the crease
3. Close your eyes and apply another colour in the crease blend this into the other colour
4. To create a dark shade you can mix more than one colour into the eye lid for best results blend the eye shadow after every use
5. To complete the look add mascara for instant volume and length.