Loyality Term and Condition


                                                                                                TERMS OF USE FOR RIMINI LOYALTY POINTS AND GIFT CARDS


Earning points on www.minkeyelashes.co.uk is automatic if you use the email and mailing address used when signing up for the program. The Rimini Loyalty Program is strictly for individuals only and only one account per person is allowed Points Once you have joined our Rimini Loyalty Club, your points will begin to accrue as soon as you start purchasing with your Rimini Loyalty Contract Number. One reward point is issued for each lash purchased on www.minkeyelashes.co.uk, regardless of method of payment. For every 8 reward points earned, Mink Eyelashes will automatically update the member’s account with a FREE lash credit. Rimini Reward points are not transferable to any other person(s) and are Not valid for cash. The Offer is not transferable and cannot at any time be used with other offers on our site.

How to Use the Reward Points.

Rewards are valid and redeemable only on the website at www.minkeyelashes.co.uk and is valid for the period of 12 months. Once the reward has been achieved. Rewards are not redeemable for cash or cash equivalent and may not be applied towards previous purchases. Reward(s) are not transferable and may not be combined with other Rimini Mink Lashes promotions or other discounts we offer on our site.. Once a reward has been redeemed, it will not be refundable and no credits will be issued for any reason. Minkeylashes is not responsible for lost or stolen rewards. Rewards are stored within your Rimini Loyalty Club Program account. Therefore, we ask all our customers to use the same email address when purchashing from our site. If you do change your email address, this may effect your loyalty points.

Refunds and Exchanges for Purchases Made with Rewards

All Returns and Replacements received by us, will be processed in the same manner of Rimini Mink Lashes Refund and Replacement policy. Member will receive a refund for the full amount of the returned item less any reward points gained. amount(s) redeemed; no credit and/or refund rewards will be issued for Refunds and Replacements. Rimini Mink Eyelashes reward point balance will be debited to reflect any returns or credits.

How to Check your Rimini Loyalty Club Points

You can check your total number of points earned by logging into your account online at www. Minkeyelashes.co.uk. A valid email address is required to check points online. Rimini Minkeyelashes will credit the points to your account automatically. Points may take up to 24 hours after your order has been despatched. If you have any queries or claims on accrued points which have not been credited to your account correctly, you must notify info@minkeyelashes.co.uk immediately. Mink eyelashes.co.uk shall not have any liability for any failure, delay or error in crediting points to your account. Therefore if in any doubt, please contact us via email to resolve the situation. Any claim for points not credited accurately must be received by Minkeyelashes.co.uk within 45 days from the date of claimed accrual of such points. Minkeyelashes.co.uk , shall have no liability for any failure, delay or error in crediting points to your account.

Inactivity / Cancellation Delete

In the event you do not earn points for a twelve month period, Rimini Minkeyelashes reserves the right to cancel your membership and zero out the points earned. You may re-enroll in the program, however, previously earned points which were zeroed out will not be credited and you will start with a balance of zero points.

Reward Expiration

All customers must redeem their reward points within 12 months from the date of when they have been earned. You must use reward(s) within 1 year after they have been earned, unless prohibited by law.

Special Offers for Members of the Loyalty Club

We will have special offers only for our Members of the Loyalty Club.


Interpretation or application of the Terms and Conditions of the Minkeyelashes.co.uk Loyalty club shall be binding on Minkeyelashes.co.uk Loyalty members. By enrolling in the Minkeyelashes.co.uk Loyalty Club, you agree to be bound by the full Terms and Conditions stated herein. You also agree to review these Terms and Conditions periodically and shall be bound by any modifications. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, or any subsequent modifications, your sole and exclusive remedy is to terminate your membership in the program.

Purchasing Gift Cards

All Gift Card values can only be purchased and redeemed in GBP (British Pounds). Your Gift Card will be sent instantly to the email address specified when ordering and will be available for redemption within 48 hours. Gift Cards cannot be purchased using another Gift Card, a discount voucher or other such promotional codes.

Gift Card Redemption

Gift Cards must be assigned to a Minkeyelashes.co.uk website account before they may be redeemed. To check the balance of your Card(s), login into your account at https://www.minkeyelashes.co.uk/account/giftcards . Gift Cards can only be assigned to one Minkeyelashes account. Once registered, the card cannot be registered by another user. We cannot unregister a card from an account. Gift Cards can be redeemed only at minkeyelasehs.co.uk and not on any third party’s website, or retail outlet.

Payment with your Gift Card

Gift Cards may be used in conjunction with other payment types. If your order value is greater than your Gift Card balance, you can use an alternative payment method to cover the difference. Gift Cards may be used across multiple purchases. You do not need to redeem the full balance in a single transaction.

Refunds, Returns & Expiry

Gift Cards cannot be refunded or returned except in accordance to your legal rights. Where Gift Cards have been redeemed for the purchase of items that are subsequently returned, the refund will be applied to the Gift Card balance. Where Gift Cards have been used as part Payment for items that are later returned then the balance will first be applied to the Gift Card to restore the balance to the pre-purchase amount, and then to the additional payment method. Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from date of issue. When a balance is redeemed, we will extend the expiry date by 12 months from the last usage. There are no refunds on unused balances. Any unused balance will remain on the Card until redeemed or the Card expires (12 months from last usage). Unused balance cannot be converted into cash or refunded.

Stolen Gift Cards

Minkeyelashes.co.uk are unable to replace any lost or stolen Cards. We recommend that they are treated as cash and assigned to the recipient’s Minkeyelashses.co.uk online account as soon as possible. We reserve the right to refuse any Gift Card that is suspected to be tampered with or deemed fraudulent. Gift Cards that have the original payment reclaimed or refused will be cancelled.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


These terms and conditions are governed and shall be interpreted in accordance with English Law. Any person attempting to make fraudulent credit card transactions will be prosecuted with no exception.