Why Mink Lashes?

Why Mink Lashes?

Rimini Mink Lashes

Mink Eyelashes were only available to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna ,  Lindsay Lohan, MichelleObama,  Oprah Winfrey,  Little Mix, Heidi Klum  and many more.   At last Eyelashesdirect they are now available to you at a fraction of a price! 

Our mink lashes are hand-made, and because they are not chemically treated or dyed, the rich, velvet Velour like appearance found only in100% mink lashes is successfully maintained.  Rimini Mink Lashes are simply the highest quality strip lashes available online.

Why wear Mink lashes?  Mink Eyelashes are not the same as the semi permanent, individual eyelash extensions.  They are strip lashes and may be worn up to  25 times when properly stored and cared for.  Unlike semi-permanent, eyelash extensions that must be applied by trained and certified specialist.   Our 100% Mink Eyelashes can be quickly and easily self-applied.  If you are new to self-application, we suggest you practice with standard strip lashes, a free pair is included with every order. 


Each pair comes with a beautiful ‘keep sake’ box and instructions.


Why  Rimini Mink Lashes


Rimini Mink Lashes Offers a glamorous shine, soft and natural feel.   These are exclusively designed to give you the natural and subtle look.

With proper care, you can use these Lashes up to 25 times or more.

Natural and Lightweight

Super lightweight and flexible, allowing you to curl it just like real human hair. 



 How to Appy Rimini Mink Lashes

1.Measure your Lashes and Trim

 Before you apply the glue, measure to ensure the lashes are correct length for your eye.  Trim accordingly.  Always trim from the outer   end  and not the inner.  You want the length of your lash just short of your natural lengths of your eyes.  This will prevent the lash from poking inner corner of your eye

2.  Apply mascara to natural lashes

Some have suggested applying mascara after you have applied the lashes.  We do not recommend this as the mascara may ruin the quality of fur.  We suggest you apply mascara to your own lashes before applying the Mink Lashes

3.  Apply glue on your Rimini Mink Lashes

Apply sufficient amount of glue on the entire band of the lash and applying more glue to both ends so that it has stronger hold.

Allow time for glue to dry for up to 10-20 seconds, so that the glue becomes tacky.  This will make your application a lot easier and without any residue.

4.  Finally Apply Lashes

You can apply them with a pair of tweezers (holding it from the middle of the lash) or use eyelashes applicator.  Gently place lashes to the top and  as close to your natural lash line.  Secure lash by pushing down towards your lash line.  You could sue (cotton bud) which helps. Once in place, try not to move and give it time to set.

  5. The Final touch!

 After the glue has dried, go over your lash line with eyeliner to cover any gaps or glue.

 Because Mink fur is 100% natural, you may curl the lashes like real human hair.  Finally you too can enjoy the Red Carpet look!!