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Amethyst Quartz Crystal Set


Amethyst Quartz Crystal Set

Our Amethsyt Quartz Crystal Set includes a neck Massager and a Amethsyt Quartz Crystal Mineral Roller. This is the perfect combination for all beauty care lovers.

Amethsyt quartz has been used for thousands of years, the secret to the ancient beauty technique is the coldness and minerals provided by the stone.

Amethyst is also seen as a stone that promotes good positive energy, serenity and calmness.

Our Amethsyt Quartz Crystal Roller is the perfect addition to everyday skin care routines to help combat puffiness and reduce redness in skin. It will also help to create a smoother and brighter complexion. 

The stone is cold and this will create the perfect touch to your skin instantly. Our gorgeous roller is not just a beautiful accessory, but it will also work wonders on your skin and you’ll feel fresh instantly!


Amethsyt Quartz Neck Massager 

This incredible neck massager is ideal for the sunny days when you need to cool down and also if you are having hot flashes during menopause. It can be used as a therapeutic, calming massage to the skin.  

How to use the skin care roller:

All you need to do is apply a bit of serum to the stone, rub the roller in the serum and then use the roller to gently massage your face in a circular motion.

How to use the Amethsyt Quartz Neck Massager 

STEP 1. Get into a comfortable position lying down
STEP 2. Put the quartz neck mask on your neck and position it correctly so it is comfortable

STEP 3. Breathing in and out slowly will help relax  your mind and body even further. Focus on the calmness and the crystal’s energy will give out love.

STEP 4. Let the mask work its magic for 20 minutes  so all you need to do is close your eyes and enjoy this time to yourself!


Benefits of Amethyst

  • Brightens and refreshes skin
  • Increase in blood circulation, which results in radiant, healthy, glowing skin.
  • Helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces dark under eye circles
  • Removes toxins in skin 
  • Rose quartz is full of minerals including Silicium, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium and Oxygen.
  • Amethyst not only affects your mind and state, but also has many detoxifying and supercharging skincare benefits.
  • The amethyst crystal is synonymous with luxury, and was often found in ancient civilizations’ crowns, scepters, and rings. This protective stone amplifies the flow of harmony and prosperity, while relieving stress and promoting intuition and relaxation.
  • Amethyst’s natural heating process with negative ions also carries away free radicals and toxins, giving your skin a clean, refreshed feel and appearance.

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Amethyst Quartz Crystal Set