3 Reasons Why Press On Nails Are Better Than Other False Nails….

Press on nails is currently the new hype, find out why…

The nail industry in relation to beauty treatments is constantly innovating and a huge part of our beauty lives. Whether that’s by wearing nail polish, keeping nails clean or going to the salon to get your nails done. We all look after our nails somehow and some of us invest more money.

Sometimes however, it’s difficult to maintain nails due to the costs and time. Sadly, not all of us can always afford getting our nails done professionally. Don’t fear, there are many options available for everybody, if you don’t have time or the money to go to a salon you can do it yourself. Yes, you heard DIY nails at home, but what could be better!

Press on nails is the new trend that simply includes glue and a steady hand. They are artificial nails that are made from acrylic resin, but why are they good false nail option?

  1. They don’t damage your real natural nails

Your natural nails are in better condition under press on nails, the glue won’t damage your nail skin and they are healthier compared to acrylic nails.

  1. They are easy to apply

Press on nails is amazing as they are so easy to apply, all you need to do put a drop of glue at the tip and at the base of your natural nail and drop that nail right on top. After that press down on it firmly for a few seconds and wait until the glue is dry. Voila! That's all you need to do to have professional nails in a few minutes.

  1. Press on nails don’t damage easily and will always shine

The incredible thing about press on nails is that they won’t damage as easily as other false nails. The nail is made of plastic but is strong and crafted to last long. Press on nails don’t lose their finish either, they will continuously shine.

If one of them chips or falls off all you need to do is file it slightly, you can clean it a bit with alcohol and glue it back on.

TIP: You can shower with press on nails but you it’s best to ensure that they are not wet for a long time as this is when they can become flimsy.

Press on nails is great for when you can’t afford to go to the salon and if you don’t have the time. They are more cost effective, will save time and won’t damage as easily and your natural nails will stay the same.

Good quality pressed nails can still look incredible and last a long time if applied and maintained correctly.

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