Naturally fuller lips doesn’t always involve lip fillers...

Temporary plumping lipsticks are now trending...

Lip fillers are considered to be a bit of a medical risk, you never know what can truly go wrong with them.

If you’re not too keen on the idea of lip fillers there are 2 other ways to make your lips plump ☺️

  1. Using lipstick and lip liner

This is the most least damaging way to make your lips look fuller and bigger. You can control the amount of extra lines you want by simply drawing the line a bit more or very natural so it is just around the edges of your lips.

You control and choose how much extra volume you want. This is also perfect for everyday use, just make sure you moisturise your lips before using lipstick everyday to make sure it stays hydrated and smooth. You can also use a lip scrub before applying lipstick, to remove any dry or dead skin.

Our Rimini Lip Kits is ideal for achieving natural fuller lips perfectly paired with our lip balm & scrub.

  1. Using natural effect plumping lipstick

A natural effect plumping lipstick is another way to get bigger, fuller lips without lip fillers. Some plumping lipsticks have ingredients that will make lips fuller, however they could also cause lips to swell up, tingle and maybe sometimes sting a bit.

To make sure that you won’t have any allergies, we recommend that you always test a bit of any product before applying it completely just in case you get a reaction ( this can happen with any bold effect plumping lipsticks that might be quite strong)

Our Velvet Collection Nude Natural Plump Effect Lipstick contains natural ingredients and only temporary so you can always feel assured knowing that nothing can go wrong and your lips won’t feel tingly.

Available in 9 beautiful nude shades, with coverage for hours, and the creamy matte formula will leave lips with fullness that isn’t that overwhelming, perfect for a natural look 💘

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