Hair treatment capsules are a great addition to all hair treatment routines!

Hair treatment capsules are a great addition to all hair treatment routines!

At Rimini Beauty we have been looking for convenient ways to help you get hairdresser hair at home. With this current situation, and lockdown restrictions we can’t leave the house, when this happens we might end up becoming hairdressers ourselves!

To make things all the more easier, we recently introduced a hair serum capsule collection.

What are hair serum capsules?

Hair serum capsules are amazing little things, filled with vitamins highly formulated for specific treatment purposes. With just one capsule after each wash your hair will instantly feel super soft and smooth!

If you are dreaming of long, shiny hair this isn’t too far from your reach! Our capsules have been formulated to flow into the strands of your hair, repair and strengthen. The capsules will also freshen up hair after each wash and you’ll feel the results slightly after the first use.

All the hair serum capsules in our collection are enriched with vitamins. You can get salon results at home as each capsule had been designed to prove nutrition, fortify hair and get back volume.

Dry & Damaged Hair?

If you have dry & damaged hair we recommend using our Hair Vitality Capsules with Honey or Hair Treatment Capsules with Moroccan Oil

Damaged Coloured Hair?

 We recommend using our Coloured Hair Serum Capsules to help target and repair split ends caused by hair dyes.

Maintaining Smooth Hair?

Our Smooth & Silky Hair Serum Capsules is perfect for you, enriched with vitamins that will give your hair a naturally healthy shine.

Black Hair maintenance?

Specifically formulated for black hair, our hair capsules will help to strengthen and protect dry hair and help to make it Silky over time.

So whether you have dry, damaged hair or if you’re just looking to maintain that shine, we’ve got you covered with our Hair Serum Capsules Collection ✨

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