Watch this space, Rimini Beauty will be introducing a line of baked eyeshadow very soon!

Baked eyeshadow, yes this really does exist, and it is fabulous 🥰

What is baked eyeshadow?

Baked eyeshadow powders are creams that have been slowly baked in a professional oven until the texture is dry. A normal pressed powder is created by mixing various ingredients with chemicals, this is then later pressed into a mould.

Why is baked eyeshadow better than pressed eyeshadow?

Baked eyeshadow has a creamy formula, it doesn’t need many ingredients to be created. Makeup products that have been baked tend to be free from chemicals and additives. As make up is something that we use almost every day, by making sure we use ingredients that are good for our skin will not only be good in the long term, but also day by day. 

Baked eyeshadow will create a soft, marble look and will leave a shine on your eyelids due to the glossy texture. Baked eyeshadow will create a matte, silky polish that will ultimately leave your eyes not only feeling light and smooth but looking bright. It will make your eyes look less dull compared to when normal make up is used, because of the differences in the textures and ingredients.

How to use baked eyeshadow

To achieve a rich and long-lasting look apply the baked eyeshadow with a wet brush

  1. First apply an eyeshadow primer, this makes it easier to blend eyeshadow, create an intensifying colour and make your eyelids smooth!
  2. Apply the eyeshadow with a wet brush, just add a tiny bit of water to the brush to avoid spilling the eyeshadow. A tiny bit of water will go a long way.
  3. Next, just use the eyeshadow as normal, it will glide smoothly onto your skin

Baked eyeshadow can be used wet or dry, but we recommend using the eyeshadow wet as it will create a beautiful marble finish

Not only will baked eyeshadow look better, but it will also last longer and won’t dry your eyes. This is an aspect that make up users can struggle with and finding the perfect make up that doesn’t dry up skin is extremely difficult to find. For this reason, Rimini Beauty is constantly looking for different ways to find the ideal product for you and we will be creating a line of baked matte and glitter eyeshadows very soon 💖

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